Scandi Modern Cool

High Style Family Living

Houghton, Kirkland

What was once a dated ’90s home is now a bold Scandinavian-style custom space. We collaborated with designers and architects to completely remodel this outdated 90’s home making it modern and contemporary. Our favorite aspect of this home is the 9-foot custom-built fireplace that can be seen from both the kitchen and lounge areas. This custom-built fireplace is surrounded by a custom wrap expertly painted by Tennyson Paint with a high gloss lacquer. 

Paired with 16-foot vaulted ceilings and a 10-foot steel and glass front door, this out-of-date space was completely transformed. These modern elements elevated the entire home and created a beautiful space for our client’s family and friends to enjoy. The home interior’s Scandinavian design gives a comfortable, contemporary modern lounge vibe.  

These clients had an eye for detail and wanted to put in the highest quality level of finishes possible. We were able to create a beautiful and unique space for entertaining, as well as showcase the level of custom detailing they put into this stunning home. Witnessing the process of change and seeing the client’s vision come to life was a dream come true. 

We hope you enjoy this high-end luxury home in the Houghton neighborhood.  

Home Features: 

  • Tennis Court 
  • Swimming Pool
  • Custom Built Fireplace
  • 10-foot Custom Front Door 
  • 16-foot Vaulted Ceilings 
  • High-End Living Room Lounge 
  • Desirable Kirkland Neighborhood