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Tennyson Homes

We Build More Than Houses. We Build Homes.

Fully Customized Experience
High Touch Customer Service
Seamless Process
Decades of Experience

Our Team

Our employees and clients are an integral part of who we are. Building connections with clients and partnering with our vendors and contractors in the local community, make Tennyson Homes the family that it is. We go above and beyond for our clients because they are truly part of our Tennyson family.


Our Background

At Tennyson Homes, we have decades of experience in custom home building. As former spec home builders, we bring a cost-efficient background and apply it to our custom home building process. This gives our clients the confidence that we respect their vision - and their budget. Our mission is to give our customers more than a house - it is to give them a custom home that they love.

Our Services

Tennyson Homes offers custom home building and comprehensive remodeling services for the Kirkland area. We remain committed to your goals and ideas to ensure that your space is completely customized to every one of your needs.

Land Acquisition

We are a full-service custom home builder in Kirkland, meaning we help our clients through every step of this process, including residential land acquisition. Tennyson Homes can make your dream home a reality by finding the best-suited parcel of land for you and your family.

Custom Home Building

We have decades of experience building high-quality and unique custom homes for Kirkland residents. Our designers, architects, builders, and you collaborate together to create a home perfectly tailored to your unique taste and lifestyle. Our team will guide you through this entire process to bring all your ideas to life and ensure every detail of your custom home is in place.

Comprehensive Remodeling

When it comes to remodeling, our process is just as seamless and customizable as our custom home building. We are proud to partner with you for the entire comprehensive remodel process - from the first sketch to the final day of construction. We have extensive experience providing customers with unique remodeling solutions. We respect our customer's time and budget.

Tennyson Homes Project Gallery

Check out our project gallery! To help you get an idea of our craftsmanship we have compiled a collection of some of our favorite projects to date. All of our homes are built with unparalleled skill and attention to detail, in order to bring our client's unique visions to life. We are proud to showcase these thoughtfully designed and built custom homes in our beautiful city of Kirkland.

Tennyson Homes & Tennyson Paint are proud to be a part of the Kirkland Community.

Tennyson Paint was born out of the need for high-quality and reliable painting for our custom homes. Securing a trustworthy painting contractor can be one of the most difficult steps in the home building process. Because of our existing partnership with Tennyson Paint, our customers receive high-end and superior quality interior and exterior painting services. We make it easy to have your home designed, built, and painted - all at the same Tennyson quality. When you choose to work with Tennyson Homes, you also gain the benefit of working with a premier painting company backed by the Tennyson name.